K.F.D Product


K.F.D Product

The K.F.D product is used to prepare pellets for feeding animals, poultry and Aquatic.

Chemical analysis

SiO2         67.6%
AL2O3         9.8%
Fe2O3         0.81%
Cao             1.56%
Mgo         1.8%
Na2O         0.34%
K2O         0.78%
P2O5         0.05%
Mno         0.01%
Tio2         0.08%
S                 0.78%
L.O.I          15.90%

Mineralogical analysis:

By processing operation with wet method and further operation, the main mineral (Montmorillonite) will be increased to more than %50 then the amount of silica and feldspars and also plaster and lime will be decreased so much.

Physical Specifications

·         Color: White – gray

·         Appearance: Powder

·         Solubility: insoluble in water

·         Medium Moisture: 10% (2h,110c)

·         PH: 3-7 (2% solution) – the amount depending on processing amount

·         Density: 400 – 800 Gr/L

·         Particle size: more than 90% pass through 200 mesh size

Effects of K.F.D

Increase pellet strength (pellet binder):

One of the popular, economical and harmless available pellet binders is Bentonite type of them which is used in factories that prepare pellet feed because its immediate and high absorption of water and plasticity of Bentonite, they can be high quality and strength pellet.

Absorption of fungal toxins especially aflatoxins (Toxin Binder):

Mycotoxins of processed bentonite and specially aflatoxins in the feed can be bounded very well and its absorption in digestive system of animals will be reduced. In this way, the effect of aflatoxins on the function and the role of the liver will have reduced and also negative effects of fungal toxins on animal growth will reduced too.

Increasing of digestion and absorption of foodstuffs:

Processed bentonite can decrease foodstuffs movement speed in length of digestive system and then foodstuffs will have more time for digestion and absorption.

Reducing coefficient convers and increasing production efficiency:

Processed bentonite with "Mold Inhibitor" specification and also to ability to absorb fungal toxins and heavy metal can increase production efficiency.


Processed bentonite beside water will take a gelatinous and oily form. This form by using feed will cause smooth and easier movement during production process and then it will prevent from corrosion and damage of parts and machines which are in touch with feed.

Ammonia controlling and decreasing environment humidity:

Processed bentonite can cause environment drying because of high humidity absorption nature and during disorder in Coccidiosis cycle, it will decrease ammonia gas expanding in the environment. So the consequences of respiratory diseases such as flu, Newcastle, Bronchitis will be reduced. Since most of the farms are in the neighborhood of the residential areas, the processed bentonite can help for decreasing unpleasant smell of dung in these areas.

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