About Kanysazejam
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1 - Introducing our company:

 Kany Saz Jam Company (KSJ) is the only  producer of acid activated Bentonite  (bleaching earth) in Iran. Our factory is located in the vicinity of city of Lowshan, 200 km from Tehran, on the rout of Tehran – Rasht expressway. Its area is 12 hectares. It is located on the Lowshan-Sefidrood riverside. It has an exceptional situation.Production Capacity

Up to 30 thousand tons of various grades of activated soil per annum.


2 - Trademark and logo:

Our registered trade mark is Kaneh. Our logo is “k”

3 - Packing and Packaging:

Each sac weighs 25 kg. but it may be customized depending on your order in bigger sacs (up to 1000 kg). A layer of laminated material is used in making the sac so that the sacs can stand humidity.


4 - General classification of the products:
the company has main sorts products:

(1) KF, for refining all types of edible oils (i.e. Soya, sunflower seed, cotton seed, canola, etc… ).

(2) KS, for  refining all types of mineral oils (i.e. solid  and liquid paraffin, Vaselin, wasted oil, gasoil, etc..)

5- Certificates :

(1)ISO 22000: 2005 Certificate

(2)ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate

(3)ISO 18001:2007 Certificate

(4) ISO 14001:2015 Certificate

(5)HALAL      Certificate

(6)Kosher     Certificate

(7)The Iranian Ministry of Health Certificate

(8)Approved by PPM laboratory affiliated to the German OHMI Institute

(9)Approved by KARSAM Institute laboratory in Sweden and Austria

(10)All the domestic and foreign factories using this product have approved it.

Due to existence of mines very rich in Bentonite earth, in the vicinity of our factory, as well as the unique way by which the processing and purifying the raw material and the special way of production, it is possible to produce all products with high quality and absolutely a uniform shape. The company always maintains the same quality by striving toward enhancement.

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Contact Us


Add: 200 km from Tehran, on the rout of Tehran – Rasht expressway, Lowshan City, Iran
Consumers of our products may contact us and/or agency anytime by either visiting our website or calling us on phone.
(1)For placing orders for various types or a specific type of earth depending on type of oil and/or a production unit’s conditions
(2)For troubleshooting and removal of any potential problem during the production process
(3)To seek necessary advice and consultation
(4)To send any suggestions about our products or to criticize the products
(5)To request any scientific, laboratory and applied documents, documentation, certificates, permits, etc.
(6)To visit our factory and to witness the factory’s scientific and capabilities
(7)Other relevant cases Thanks to our veteran advisors who are expert in the field of all kinds of oil and our laboratory, as well as the labs with which we have contract, we will do our best to fulfill our duties in the shortest possible time aimed at meeting your requirements and better serving you.

Zip code : 1911643711

Phone: +98-21-22920730 ، +98-21-22251428
    Fax : +98-21-22229483     Web: www.kanysazejam.com    

Central Office

Add: Flat 1, No.46, Tajbakhsh Alley, Aghazadeh Fard (Atlasi) St., Mirdamad Blv., Tehran, Iran